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Introducing UV Direct to Film decals, the easy way to personalize any hard surface! Using a full-color printing process, these durable decals transfer vibrant and detailed designs directly onto cups, laptops, and more. No heat press or special equipment is needed. Plus, they're weather and scratch-resistant. Stand out with UV DTF decals!

How to Apply UV decals:

  1. First, clean the surface where you will be applying the decal.  Use a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt, oil, etc. that may be on the surface.  Allow the item time to air dry before applying.
  2. Next, carefully peel the backing paper off the decal.  Be very careful not to touch the adhesive side of the decal, this can leave fingerprints or marks on your transfer once applied.
  3. Then, position the sticker on the surface where you want to apply it.  Use your fingers or a vinyl scraper to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles that appear carefully. Take your time to work the decal onto the surface starting from the center of the decal and working out to the edges as you would with vinyl.
  4. Once the decal has been placed onto the surface use fingertips to apply pressure throughout the design.  This helps ensure a solid bond between the transfer and the surface.
  5. Finally, carefully peel the clear transfer sheet away from surface.  Work slowly to ensure you don't pull up the decal from the surface.  If the decal does pull up, push it back down and rub the decal to the surface with firm pressure before trying to remove again.


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