A beginner's guide to working with mica powders: Right types of mica, how to mix mica powders with paint or resin, and how to apply mica powder to various surfaces.

Mica powder is a versatile and beautiful material that can be used in a variety of crafting projects. We will explore the various ways in which you can use mica powder in your crafting projects.

To start off, let's discuss what mica powder is. Mica is a mineral that can be ground into a fine powder to create a sparkling effect. Mica powder is available in a range of colors and can be used to add shimmer, shine, and depth to a variety of crafting projects.

So besides the obvious use in tumblers. Let's start with a simple new ideas. One idea that has been used for decades but you rarely hear about is that you can mix mica powder with clear glue to create a glittery glue solution. This solution can be used to decorate jars, vases, candle holders or any other glass surfaces. You can also use this solution to create dazzling greeting cards by applying this solution to any part of the cards. Even better is that mica powder wont harm the environment if it falls off a greeting card. It's ground up stone! 

Secondly, you can add mica powder to resin to create a stunning effect in your resin jewelry projects. Simply mix the mica powder with the resin before pouring it into your jewelry mold, and the result will be a piece of jewelry with a beautiful shimmer that will catch the light and make it sparkle. In addition to jewelry, you can also use resin with mica powder mixed in to create unique home décor pieces such as coasters, bowls or dishes.

Thirdly, you can use mica powder on fabrics to create a metallic effect. To do this, simply mix the mica powder with fabric medium like fabric glue and apply the solution to the fabric. Once dry, the fabric will have a beautiful iridescent effect that's perfect for clothing, bags or other decorative fabric items.

Lastly, you can use mica powder to add shimmer and shine to your paintings, and art projects. Simply mix the mica powder with acrylic paint, and apply it to your canvas or other painting surface for a stunning shimmer effect. You can also use mica powder along the edges of your paintings to highlight and accentuate the finished piece.

So, these are just a few examples of how you can use mica powder in your crafting projects. We hope that this has given you some great new inspiration and ideas for incorporating mica powder into your crafting. As always, thanks for being part of the Glitter Chimp crafting family, happy crafting!

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