DTF - 100 Day Of Living School Life

DTF - 100 Day Of Living School Life

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Celebrate the milestone of the 100th day of school with our DTF designs! Perfect for all your crafting needs, this quirky and playful design will add a touch of fun to any project. (School life just got a little more exciting!)

Glitter Chimp DTF transfers allow you to skip the design process and create playful, high-quality products with ease. With intricate details and vivid colors, these prints will surely grab attention, while their versatile application lets you explore your creativity on various items.  A must-have for any holiday project.


Cotton, Polyesters, Hemp & Blends: 275°-350°F for 12-15 seconds a medium to high pressure.  Polyesters tend to require a lower temperature than cotton.

Leather: 300°-325°F for 15 seconds at medium to high pressure.

Neoprene & Spandex: 275°-300°F for 15-20 seconds at medium to high pressure.

Nylon & Rayon: 240°-275°F for 20-30 seconds at medium pressure.

Silk: 225°-250°F for 20-25 seconds at medium to low pressure.

Learn how to perfect your DTF transfer technique with DTF. Follow five easy steps to achieve a seamless, professional-looking result every time. Upgrade your transfer game now!

1. Skip The Pre-Press: You won't need pre-press unless you want to or the material is wrinkled.

2. Position Your Design: Enhance your design precision and save time with the DTF Alignment Ruler Set. Use heat-resistant tape for transfers onto hats or with an iron. No need for additional tape with flat heat presses.

3. Press: Press using medium pressure at the material's required heat for 12-15 seconds, without damaging your transfer. Test and protect your garment with parchment paper or a guard sheet.

4.  Cool, Then Peel: Let your transfer cool to the touch (15-30 seconds).  Once cooled, lift the transfer from a corner and gently peel back.  If you see any part of the design lifting; stop and lay the film back down.  If anything did lift this means that the transfer did not have enough heat, pressure or time.  Press the transfer again with more pressure and time (about +5 seconds).  If this still does not work, increase heat by 15°F until you no longer have issues.  

5. Final Press & Wash Instructions: Place parchment paper over the design and press again for 15 seconds to soften the design.  This will also increase durability and remove the shine.  To keep the shine of the transfer use the protective Teflon sheet for the final press.  When washing, flip the shirt inside out.  Wash on cold and dry using low heat.  

Have you used Glitter Chimp glitter to make something amazing? Share a picture here!

Have you used Glitter Chimp glitter to make something amazing? Share a picture here!